OEM Wholesale Livestock Rubber Bucket

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Rubber bucket is widely used in many fields,agriculture,industry,household and construction with long lasting usage and storage. It is naturally frost&sunlight proof and is non-toxic. The flexibility characteristics means it is brilliant for everything from agriculture and equestrian to building.The soft but strong material is extremely safe for all livestock.

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Product Highlights

★ Crack and crush resistant.
★ Flexible and soft at low temperature, tough and strong.
★ Some with high quality steel handle with long service life.
★ Light weight compared to metal or wooden buckets.
★ UV and frost resistant.
★ Customization supported, can be produced in any shapes and sizes.

Product Parameters

Model No. Specification(mm) Material Weight Capacity
KMWRB 01 340*213*270mm Rubber 2.2kg 12L
KMWRB 02 330*220*260mm Rubber 2.1kg 12L
KMWRB 03 385*240*300mm Rubber 3.0kg 17L
KMWRB 04 385*265*290mm Rubber 3.1kg 20L
KMWRB 05  390*250*240mm Rubber 3.1kg 12L
KMWRB 06 540*400*170mm Rubber 3.0kg 20L
KMWRB 07  680*500*190mm Rubber 5.8kg 40L
KMWRB 08 430*300*270mm Rubber 3.2kg  25L
KMWRB 09 530*320*270mm Rubber 4.1kg 39L
KMWRB 10 220*118*98mm Rubber 0.5kg 2L
KMWRB 11   280*120*100mm Rubber 0.7kg 5L
KMWRB 12  375*300*120mm Rubber 1.4kg 9L
KMWRB 13 452*345*130mm Rubber 1.9kg 12L
KMWRB 14 442*353*130mm Rubber 1.8kg 12L
KMWRB 15 456*310*203mm Rubber 2.5kg 20L
KMWRB 16  456*365*203mm Rubber 2.7kg 22L
KMWRB 17  660*500*250mm Rubber 6.2kg 56L
KMWRB 18 410*285*272mm Rubber 3.1kg 18L
KMWRB 19 436*260*216mm Rubber 2.3kg 18L
KMWRB 20 466*280*270mm Rubber 3.3kg 28L
KMWRB 21   230*180*270mm Rubber 1.4kg 7L
KMWRB 22 260*200*220mm Rubber 1.5kg 8L
KMWRB 23  290*210*230mm Rubber 1.8kg 9L
KMWRB 24 352*226*180mm Rubber 1.8kg 10L
KMWRB 25  320*210*250mm Rubber 1.7kg 10L
KMWRB 26   320*220*250mm Rubber 1.9kg 11L
KMWRB 27   300*205*320mm Rubber 2.3kg 13L
KMWRB 28 340*230*270mm Rubber 2.4kg 14L
KMWRB 29 730*500*260mm Rubber 4kg 58L
KMWRB 30  900*650*310mm Rubber 6.8kg 115L
KMWRB 31 1020*750*360mm Rubber 9.0kg 154L
KMWRB 32 1280*950*500mm Rubber 20kg 423L
KMWRB 33 280*210*75mm Rubber 0.8kg 3L
KMWRB 34  395*225*145mm Rubber 2.6kg 12L
KMWRB 35 380*205*125mm Rubber 2.2kg 9L
KMWRB 36 450*330*255mm Rubber 3kg 27L
KMWRB 37 530*410*200mm Rubber 4kg 29L
KMWRB 38  550*310*340mm Rubber 6kg 40L
KMWRB 39  260*195*218mm Rubber 1.3kg 8L
KMWRB 40  345*220*190mm Rubber 1.8kg 10L
KMWRB 41  290*210*218mm Rubber 1.6kg 10L
KMWRB 42 320*220*260mm Rubber 2kg 12L
KMWRB 43  445*345*130mm Rubber 1.8kg 12L
KMWRB 44 460*320*126mm Rubber 1.6kg 10L
KMWRB 45 436*260*216mm Rubber 1.8kg 23L

Main components of rubber buckets:

Natural rubber 30%,Polyester fiber 8%,odorless reclaimed rubber20%,high wear-resistant carbon black 20%,rubber powder 15% ,vulcanizing agent and antioxidant, etc. 7%

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